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Frontlight wallscape banners

Material: PVC banner 220-1100 grams/m2
Characteristics: highly resistant PVC material for interior and exterior purposes. .
Material color: : white or colored

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Megaboards mesh

Material: Mesh PVC punctured canvas
Characteristics: highly resistant PVC punctured material, which ensures the flow of the wind and avoids “sail” effect. .

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Pvc foil

Material: PVC self-adhesive foil for flat and slightly curved surfaces
Characteristics:  Self-adhesive foil for application to almost all flat and slightly curved surfaces

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Sandblasted and transparent foil

Material: Sandblasted and transparent foil
Characteristics:  self-adhesive foil for almost all flat or slightly curved surfaces

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Window graphics

Material: PVC perforated foil for glass

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Floor graphics

Material: PVC self-adhesive foil + special slip-resistant coating
Characteristics:  self-adhesive foil for floor appliance
Material color: white

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Car graphics

Material: PVC self-adhesive foil for rounded areas
Characteristics:  high quality PVC self-adhesive foil  with bubble free structure, for appliance without bubbles
Material color: white or colored

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Posters and Citylight


Material: matt or glossy paper
Characteristics: possibility of different paper weights, as well as coating


Material: citylight paper or backlight film

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Material: Blueback Papier oder PVC Folie für gerade Oberflächen
Eigenschaften:  Papier mit blauem Hintergrund, damit beim Überkleben vorhandener Plakate die vorherigen Motive nicht sichtbar sind.
Materialfarbe: weiß

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What clients think about us

“ Vektor Group is an excellent and reliable partner especially in critical situations. When you are short on time or do not know what to choose without making the right decision, Vector Group employees are always ready to meet and help. Expertise and a wonderful customer relationship where you always feel like you are an important customer, whether it's an order of a few hundred or more thousand kunas. And what is especially important today - the team you can rely on always stick to the deal. ”

- Varteks d.d.

“ Satisfied and grateful for the excellent collaboration. The staff are skilled, quick ... They meet in an emergency. From an old device new. Everything is honest and you will not go wrong. ”

- Živi Napitak d.o.o.

“ The collaboration with Vektor Group has been excellent so far. Excellence in collaboration can be seen through the correctness of the offers, the technical support provided and the ease of presentation of the technical characteristics of the products offered (easy to understand for anyone seeking clarification), and the quick and high-quality performance of works. works. It is a feature of gold that is valuable in doing business in our market and provides the convenience of working with your company. ”

- Tehnika d.o.o.

“ I only have praise for the Vektor Group. Every time the work was superbly done, although sometimes the deadlines on our part were very short, they never told us that something was not possible or that it would not be done, so thank you very much. All things made by Vektor Group were very well made and thought was given to the use and materials to be used and how. In addition to great things, we also received great tips. ”

- Pernod Ricard Croatia d.o.o.

“ It is our great pleasure to work with Vektor Group. We have been working with all the large formats for many years with Vector Group and have never had any problems. When we send the press preparation, the company reviews everything and let us know if there are any problems.This helps us a lot because on the other hand we are not expert in this regard, so it is important for us to get valid information so that we can pass it on to the client. Prices are correct and production time is fast. ”

- Centar Media Plus d.o.o.

“ A professional team that is extremely comfortable to communicate with, ready to help with advice and support in every sense. We look forward to new projects and look forward to completing them. ”

- Europa92 d.o.o.

“ We have been successfully collaborating with Vector Group for many years. Our mutual communication is pleasant, simple and business efficient, and the delivered products are of the highest quality. Bearing in mind the extremely high quality relationship that this company establishes and maintains with its clients, we are pleased to recommend Vektor Group to everyone ”

- Porsche Croatia d.o.o.

“ Vektor is the one associate who will encourage you with it's experience and advice. They will complete the project with superior expertise and dedication. ZOO approved! ”

- ZOO agencija d.o.o.

“ As the communications sector - in which our company operates, is very turbulent, we need a partner who will respond quickly to our inquiries, suggest great and interesting technical solutions, and of course deliver quality products quickly.The long-term search for such a partner finally came to fruition when we met with the Vector Group.Since then, no event we organize for our clients goes without the cooperation of the people from Vector, who repeatedly delight us with their ideas, organization and performance. ”

- Grizli komunikacije d.o.o.

“ We are very pleased to know that we can count on them in terms of deadlines and quality. In addition, they are great because in projects that are outside the standard, and such in our standard. ”

- Bruketa&Žinić&Grey
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