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Term of use

VEKTOR GRUPA d.o.o. Sopnički odvojak 5r, 10 360 Zagreb-Sesvete, Croatia
OIB: 40485772360, Croatia
from 01.02.2020.

Article 1 – paragraph 1 General provisions
These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) of Vector Group d.o.o., Sopnički odvojak 5R, 10 360 Zagreb-Sesvete, OIB: 40485772360 (hereinafter: Seller) , Seller regulates the basics of business relations between Seller and Buyer to whom Seller permanently or periodically sells products or services to buyer. The complete offer of goods, products and services is described on seller's website at the internet address
General terms and conditions are made in writing and are available through seller's website and at Seller's headquarters in digital and in writing.
General terms and conditions apply together with individual Contracts concluded with customers.
General terms and conditions form an integral part of an individual contract concluded with the customer. Where an individual Contract concluded with a customer differs from the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the individual Agreement shall apply.
The Buyer is any legal or natural person who orders the product or service from seller (hereinafter: Buyer).
Seller undertakes to conduct his business in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.
With his order or confirmation of the Seller's offer, buyer accepts all the terms of these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 2 – paragraph 1 Inquiry and offer
The query is created by the Buyer, who sends it to seller. 
The inquiry can be referred to seller by e-mail, fax, orally or by telephone.
If seller receives a request from buyer, he will send the offer to buyer as soon as possible, which should be worded in writing on the official memorandum or in the "body" of the e-mail. Sending a quote is possible by fax, mail, e-mail or immediate delivery. On the day of sending a fax or email i.e. the day of delivery of the offer to the Customer. This way of submitting offers to buyers is considered an "official offer" by the Seller.
Offers to Buyer are made to Seller 15 (fifteen) days from the date of making the offer to Buyer, unless the offer specifies a shorter or longer shelf life of the offer. If, within the time limit stated on the offer, Buyer does not accept seller's offer, it will be deemed that Buyer has not agreed to the offer and will no longer oblige the Seller.  The offer does not create an obligation to pay VAT or the possibility of using pre-tax.
Seller reserves the right to change the total offer and price if there is an modification of the elements of the items or quantities versus the original query by buyer.
In case of change of exchange rate or repromaterial price by +/- 3% , Seller reserves the right to change the prices and offers.
Each offer made by the Seller to buyer is valid without stamps and signatures because it is written electronically.
Offers by seller do not constitute a "fissified account".

Article 3 – paragraph 1 Order
At the time of acceptance of the offer, Buyer is obliged to submit the order to seller in writing, the purchase order is considered to be buyer's written confirmation of the offer through and in the body of the e-mail, fax or if buyer signs and seals the offer he accepts or through webshops owned by seller.

By sending an order by the Customer, it is an obligation for the Customer and it is possible to cancel the order no later than 2h from the time of delivery of the order i.e. the order. confirmation of the offer by the Customer.
The order will be considered valid if it contains the number of the offer and/or elements submitted by seller such as description, prices, quantity of products and scope of services. For the acceptance of the offer i.e. The Seller may also accept the "Forward" "forward" of the e-mail by the Buyer, which contains the description and price of the product and/or service that Seller offers to buyer and buyer orders. 
If it is the Buyer of a legal person or a craft or institution who sends his order by fax, mail or immediate delivery, then with the signature of the authorized person, the order should also contain the stamp of the legal person or crafts, or institution. The stamp on the order does not have to be mandatory mainly in countries and countries that do not apply or if seller accepts the order without a stamp.
The seller is obliged to issue a written confirmation of the acceptance of the order to the Buyer after receiving the order by buyer, since he will not oblige him otherwise.
If, within 3 business days, Seller does not send a written confirmation of the order to the Buyer, the Seller is deemed not to have accepted the Order and does not oblige it. 
Cannot undo or modify orders for products that are already in the process of production or shipment. 
Modifications are only possible when the current and future production process is not affected or if the modifications do not have a material difference in the specification, quantity and price of the product or service for which customer has placed the order. Seller will refer the assessment of modifications and acceptance or non-acceptance to the Seller in writing.
When placing an order, Buyer assumes the obligation and is binding on Buyer, and Seller assumes the following obligations at the time of receipt of the order:
– if the order is placed on the basis of a valid offer within the deadline for accepting the offer, the deal is deemed to be contracted and seller will make an obligation in accordance with the conditions by the Buyer as specified in the offer i.e. the offer. Order
– if the order is placed on the basis of information that does not have elements of the offer, Seller may do the following:
– accept the document as an order and deliver the product or service,
– consider such a Buyer document to be an inquiry and to make an offer,
– reject the document in terms of order/query without justification.

Article 4 –paragraph 1 Prices
The prices submitted to the Buyers or otherwise communicated or published are not binding and may be changed by Seller without prior notice unless an order/confirmation of the offer by buyer has been submitted.
The price stated in the offer containing all the relevant legal elements of the offer is binding by the expiry of the deadline for acceptance of the offer according to the terms of the offer. All prices inside the Seller's offer are expressed in Croatian Kuna ( HRK) unless otherwise stated in the offer.
Unless otherwise contractual or in the offer is defined for each specific case, the prices are valid by FCO Seller, without the added value tax included.
If the prices on offer include discounts on the purchase of a larger quantity of the same product or service, such prices are valid only for the offer of the products or services to which they are also covered for the total quantity specified, and for each modification of the quantities or specification of the goods and/or services a new offer from Seller is required. If different prices are expressed for the same goods/service on the official Offer and seller's web shop or another sales channel of The Seller, the price is stated in the seller's official offer.

The seller has the right to withdraw ie. cancel their offers to Customer without justification. The retreat, i.e. cancellation of the offer by seller is possible even after payment by the Buyer, whereby seller must justify the reason for the withdrawal i.e. the seller must justify the reason for the withdrawal. cancellation of the offer and is obliged to refund the paid funds to the Customer through 24h, without interest increases and any additional costs incurred.

Article 5 –paragraph 1 Payment
Unless otherwise indicated in the offer, buyer undertakes to pay the offer in advance with VAT included to one of the Seller's Giro accounts listed on the offer.
Payment is made as indicated in seller's offer.
The seller will, in the most recent possible time, comply with the laws of the Republic of Croatia, invoice the Buyer. 
The delivery or delivery of invoices for the products supplied or for the service performed is possible by post, official delivery, e-mail, fax and/or e-bill if agreed with the Customer. 
The production of the invoice is done after the delivery of the goods or services, and if the payment is received in the month in which the delivery of goods or services is not possible, Seller is obliged to invoice the advance payment. 
The invoice for the advance bill is cancelled at the time of the invoice for the final and complete delivered goods or service to the Customer.
In case of late payment, the Buyer undertakes to settle the late interest on the unpaid amount according to the current interest charge of the Republic of Croatia on the day of the settlement.
The seller owns the goods/services until the date of full payment of the goods/services by the Buyer.

Article 6 –paragraph 1 Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer himself raises the ordered product/goods at the location of the seat i.e. of seller's production facility.
The delivery of the product or service will follow within the deadline set by the offer.
Seller has the right to justifiably extend the delivery period by 15 working days if there has been a delay due to technical failures or other technical defects within the Seller's production facility.  The extension of the deadlines may be longer if natural or natural disasters arise, an emergency situation and/or "force majeure" and any other conditions to which seller could not or was not affected.
In the event of non-possibility of delivery, pick-up of goods by the Buyer or due to the effects of natural and natural disasters, emergencies and/or "force majeure", seller has the right to invoice for the goods or services, and the buyer assumes the obligation to pay the invoice regardless of the delivery of the goods or services.  Goods will be stored free of charge by the time of pick-up and/or delivery for a maximum of 15 days, and after that, seller has the right to charge buyer for the storage of the finished goods.
The buyer is not authorised to withdraw the order or not pay for the goods or the service provided if there is an extension of the delivery period or no possibility of delivery of the goods/services due to the reasons for the above justified reasons.
The buyer is not entitled to compensation or any damage due to the extension of the delivery period if the above justified reasons arise.
Seller is authorized to make a partial delivery of the product or service in the event that a separate written agreement between Buyer and Seller agrees partial delivery of the product or service.
Buyer's right to request the return or replacement of the product without written objection and reasonable reason to be confirmed by Seller to Buyer in writing is expressly excluded. Delivery of accepted replacement of goods by the Seller is carried out by buyer at his own expense.
The supply of products or services performed by Seller may be carried out in the following ways:
– personal delivery
– delivery by mail
– delivery through authorised/specialised couriers
– direct takeover by the customer
– another appropriate way
The costs of delivery of products or services shall be borne by The Buyer except where the offer or the Agreement is otherwise defined.
Seller will not be liable if the delivery could not be made to buyer due to untrue information provided by Buyer.
The risk of accidental failure of the item shall be borne by the Seller until the time of the acquisition of the product by the Buyer, and from the acquisition of the product by the Buyer the risk of accidental product failure passes to the Buyer.
When picking up goods or sending goods by delivery regardless of who organises or carries out the delivery, the risk of loss, damage or defect caused by the delivery manipulation, reload, etc. is taken upon itself by buyer and as such is not entitled to the requested subsequent compensation by the Seller.
In the event that buyer is not able to download the product or the service performed, the delivery can be made by seller within 2-4 business days in the area of the city of Zagreb. For deliveries outside the city of Zagreb, the Seller can arrange delivery within 4-5 business days and this type of delivery is specially charged according to the current courier service price list with additional cost of packaging, addressing and other manipulative costs.
In the event that the delivery of the product or the services performed could not be made for reasons on the Customer's side or in the event that Customer does not perform the immediate takeover of the product or the services carried out within the agreed period, and has made the entire payment for the products or services performed, Buyer will bear the costs of storing the product or subsequent delivery of the service, which costs Customer is obliged to pay before the product is taken over or before the service is taken.
In the event that the supply of the goods or services performed could not be made for reasons on the Buyer's side or in the event that Buyer does not perform the immediate takeover of the product or the services performed within the agreed period and has not made the entire payment for the products or services performed, Seller is authorized to dispose of his products further while Buyer is obliged to compensate Seller for any damages caused due to non-payment or non-acquisition of the goods. After payment of the goods and/or services in full, buyer is obliged to take over goods and/or services as soon as possible in order to ensure that Seller does not have to charge storage costs to buyer.

Article 7 –paragraph 1 Quality of products and services
The products and services supplied must correspond to the specifications of the offer with the conditions of use of the product or service according to the prescribed environment and the method of use provided. The seller has the right to use alternative materials in the process of production that have no impact on the final appearance and/or quality of the end product of the goods or services. 

Article 8 –paragraph 1 Complaint
The buyer is obliged to highlight in writing on the receipt of the product or the service, which is immediately necessary to highlight any deficiencies in writing, and no later than 3 (three) days from the date of the pick-up of the product or the service, under the threat of losing the right to highlight the deficiencies after the expiry of the specified deadline.
By confirming seller's offer by buyer stating the description and type of material, Buyer does not have the right to make subsequent complaints in the manner and type of material, any replacement of the description and type of material is possible with an additional offer from Seller to be confirmed further by buyer. Order.  
If seller determines that part of the product or services has minor defects due to the production process, such a complaint by the Buyer will not be considered as a complaint of the entire products submitted or a complaint of the entire service performed.
When performing the service, minor technically inevitable or usual discrepancies in the quality of the paint, dimensions, etc., which do not authorize the Customer to be complainted are possible.
If seller deems that buyer's complaint is justified, he will carry out a test of the cause and, at his sole discretion, perform a product replacement, correction of the defect or perform the production/printing of the new product.
In the event of acceptance of the complaint, the Seller is obliged at his own expense to perform the services he has done and charged. All other, possibly incurred, costs are borne by the Buyer himself.
A touch on the materials brought by Buyer is possible, but provided that Buyer waives the right to be rescinded and removes all responsibility from the Seller for the possible deviation of printed colors, contents, dimensions and planned scraps and any damage caused to the material brought during the printing, finishing, storage or delivery of the goods.

Article 9 Guarantees
The seller gives a guarantee on the durability of colors of 1 (one) year after delivery, except on printing and products that are made of paper, floor graphics i.e. products that have excessive mechanical abrasion. For paper products and goods, floor graphics and other products exposed to high wear, extreme conditions and temperatures, the Seller does not warrant or if the product is mounted on an inadequate substrate and/or mounted at non-adequate temperatures. 
The warranty for color durability applies to weather conditions specific to continental Europe.
A longer warranty is only possible if the Buyer requests it when asked and using special materials for making.
The warranty on PVC painting of vehicles, windows and other adequate surfaces is given longer according to the request and the requested request of the Buyer to be made in the enquiry in writing. The warranty for each product will be stated inside the offer, unless the same is stated in the offer, the warranty stated in these general terms and conditions is valid.
The warranty on all light advertising banners and LED lighting mounted in external conditions by the Seller shall be up to 1 (one) year unless otherwise indicated in the offer.
The warranty does not cover mechanical damage, the effects of natural and natural disasters, war, dismantling, vandalism, "force majeure" and strong wind gusts greater than =70 km/h or defects resulting from production and that the Buyer is aware of and accepted in advance.
The Seller also does not provide a guarantee on the quality of materials, goods and services, seller also does not provide for all goods that the Buyer himself has installed or has hired another legal or natural person for installation.

Article 10 –paragraph 1 Test imprint
When delivering graphic preparations or making graphic preparations by the Seller, Buyer may request the production of the test sample or submit it to seller.
For the service of printing in all printing procedures, deviations from the original are possible in terms of deviation of the difference in color.
For the above reasons, it is mandatory to create a test print by Buyer or Seller if buyer requests it. 
At the request of buyer, the seller will make a test print no later than 2 working days of the Buyer's order (accepting the seller's offer).
The cost of creating a test print is borne by Customer .
Buyer may withdraw from making a test print or do not ask for it, but in this way unambiguously cancels any complaint about the shades of colors or the very content of the graphic preparation, whether the graphic preparation was submitted to seller or made by seller according to the instructions and inspection of the Buyer.
When dispatching printed products or products made according to an approved sample by buyer, and in the event of the disappearance of the approved sample, Seller assumes no responsibility for the disappearance of the manufacturer.

Article 11 –paragraph 1 Painting /gluing and assembly
No matter who does the painting/gluing and installation of goods produced by the Seller, outdoor painting and assembly is not possible if the weather conditions are not favourable, indicative description of the adverse conditions below:
– if it rains or snow
– if temperatures are below or above 40 degrees
– if a strong wind blows
-if construction or other work is underway that further grease and/or impurities are applied to the surface that is painted/glued.
Vehicle imaging is possible at the earliest 48 hours after the acceptance of the test print and/or delivery of the correct graphic preparations.
In the case of external temperatures below 10 degrees (regardless of the imaging being done indoors), the vehicle's imaging shall be extended by an additional 36 hours.
The imaging shall be carried out exclusively on surfaces specified to the manufacturer's specification of the material used, provided that they are clean and resoupsided.
Substrates not intended for this purpose (e.g. wooden substrates, walls, plastic skirting boards on vehicles, etc.) can be glued, but for technical reasons, the Seller is not able to guarantee the durability of the same and therefore any guarantees for painting are not possible.
Vehicle painting is performed in the vector Group-e d.o.o. area and during gluing of the unemployed access or stay in space is not possible. 
Vehicle imaging is also possible in other areas designated by Buyer and covered by the offer, with the condition that all necessary imaging conditions are provided. 
The conditions that buyer is obliged to provide (if the painting is not in the Seller's space): 
- Clean space without dust
- Heated/cooled space to range from min. 18 to max. 24 degrees Fahrenheit.
- In the space secured access to water and electricity
IMPORTANT: the gluing of the vehicle is not equivalent to varnishing. Labels cannot completely cover the original color (substrate). On the thresholds, deep slots, etc. places where it is not possible to glue the label will still be visible the original color. For any possible damage to varnish, paint, glass surfaces, sheet on the vehicle and substrates, when painting and cutting foil with a scalpel, seller assumes no responsibility, but is obliged to access other people's property and vehicles with full responsibility as possible.
At the request of the Buyer, the installation and installation outside of the above conditions can be accessed, but then the risk of substandard product is taken upon itself by buyer, without the right to appeal to seller.

Article 12 –paragraph 1 Light advertisements, totems, pylons, portals, steel and aluminium structures
The production of light advertisements, totems, pylons, portals, steel and aluminium structures is performed on the basis of the obtained specification by the Buyer, where seller has the right to use alternative materials that do not affect and diminish the value and function of the advertisement and do not affect the functionality obtained by the buyer.
If the buyer has not submitted a design project with static by an authorized designer, the Seller is obliged to make the construction and the advertisement itself at its own discretion and experience, without taking responsibility for the static stability and possible damage to things and property to other legal or natural persons due to the fall or damage of the advertising banner. 

If buyer has submitted a draft and static calculation with the project, the Seller undertakes to make everything according to the same with the tolerance according to the standard of the job.
Lighting in luminous advertising banners is performed with LED lighting modules or LED Bars that are connected via the converter/adapter to the Customer's electrical grid. The connection of lighting to the buyer's electrical grid should be carried out by an authorized electrician by the Buyer, and if buyer requests that the connection be performed by seller in this case the liability for the connection and any unintended consequences on itself is taken by the Buyer for possible poor or improperly performed installations and joints.

Article 13 –paragraph 1 Production and assembly of multifunction fair and presentation systems
Finished products are taken over at vector group d.o.o. headquarters, Sopnički odovjak 5 r, 10 360 Sesvete. 
When downloading the system for presentation , proper installation and disassembly of the system is performed for the purpose of training customers . If buyer does not require training for assembly and disassembly, the Seller considers that buyer is familiar with the method of assembly and disassembly.
Presentation systems are used solely in the manner and under the conditions specified by the manufacturer and/or Seller,
(e.g. most racks are designed for interior use and must not be used in the exterior).
In case of problems in the use of presentation systems resulting from misuse, poor assembly or disassembly, a complaint of the same is not possible as a complaint when using systems that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Article 14 –paragraph 1 Tailor made and Custome made products
All products that Seller produces according to the specific wishes and instructions of the Buyer (Tailor made and Custome made products), Seller is obliged to make according to the standards of the business while the Buyer is obliged to treat the above products and purpose according to seller's instructions and the original enquiry i.e. request for drafting. 
On the basis of a confirmed simulation , draft and/or render of the future look by the Buyer , the seller starts with the production with the condition that all other commercial conditions are honored by the Buyer . 
Due to the specificity of tailor made and Custome made products, Seller does not assume responsibility or be subject to complaint any possible hidden defects of the product that the Tenderer could not identify or identify when making or creating.

Article 15 –paragraph 1 Copyright
All content, photographs, designs, conceptuous solutions, renders, 3D simulations and patents published on the Seller's pages, offers, invoices or sketches and other contents published and submitted by Seller to buyer are the property of seller and Seller reserves all rights.
Seller reserves the copyright to the made offers, samples, designs, project simulations and other documentation and without seller's approval is not permitted to be used and sent to other legal or natural persons. If seller finds a violation of the Copyright by buyer , it is entitled to invoice and fee for the missed profit as well as the production service .

Article 16 –paragraph 1 Jurisdiction
For all disputes arising from these general conditions, the competent court in Zagreb is competent.

Article 17 –paragraph 1 Final provisions
Seller reserves the right to unilaterally amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time during the performance of the business with the Buyer, which obliges to inform Buyer in writing of these changes through its website at the address

These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the day of adoption by Vektor Grupa d.o.o.  

for Vektor Grupa d.o.o.
Antonio Šimurina and Alem Salihović - CEO

In Zagreb, 01.02.2020.




What clients think about us

“ Vektor Group is an excellent and reliable partner especially in critical situations. When you are short on time or do not know what to choose without making the right decision, Vector Group employees are always ready to meet and help. Expertise and a wonderful customer relationship where you always feel like you are an important customer, whether it's an order of a few hundred or more thousand kunas. And what is especially important today - the team you can rely on always stick to the deal. ”

- Varteks d.d.

“ Satisfied and grateful for the excellent collaboration. The staff are skilled, quick ... They meet in an emergency. From an old device new. Everything is honest and you will not go wrong. ”

- Živi Napitak d.o.o.

“ The collaboration with Vektor Group has been excellent so far. Excellence in collaboration can be seen through the correctness of the offers, the technical support provided and the ease of presentation of the technical characteristics of the products offered (easy to understand for anyone seeking clarification), and the quick and high-quality performance of works. works. It is a feature of gold that is valuable in doing business in our market and provides the convenience of working with your company. ”

- Tehnika d.o.o.

“ I only have praise for the Vektor Group. Every time the work was superbly done, although sometimes the deadlines on our part were very short, they never told us that something was not possible or that it would not be done, so thank you very much. All things made by Vektor Group were very well made and thought was given to the use and materials to be used and how. In addition to great things, we also received great tips. ”

- Pernod Ricard Croatia d.o.o.

“ It is our great pleasure to work with Vektor Group. We have been working with all the large formats for many years with Vector Group and have never had any problems. When we send the press preparation, the company reviews everything and let us know if there are any problems.This helps us a lot because on the other hand we are not expert in this regard, so it is important for us to get valid information so that we can pass it on to the client. Prices are correct and production time is fast. ”

- Centar Media Plus d.o.o.

“ A professional team that is extremely comfortable to communicate with, ready to help with advice and support in every sense. We look forward to new projects and look forward to completing them. ”

- Europa92 d.o.o.

“ We have been successfully collaborating with Vector Group for many years. Our mutual communication is pleasant, simple and business efficient, and the delivered products are of the highest quality. Bearing in mind the extremely high quality relationship that this company establishes and maintains with its clients, we are pleased to recommend Vektor Group to everyone ”

- Porsche Croatia d.o.o.

“ Vektor is the one associate who will encourage you with it's experience and advice. They will complete the project with superior expertise and dedication. ZOO approved! ”

- ZOO agencija d.o.o.

“ As the communications sector - in which our company operates, is very turbulent, we need a partner who will respond quickly to our inquiries, suggest great and interesting technical solutions, and of course deliver quality products quickly.The long-term search for such a partner finally came to fruition when we met with the Vector Group.Since then, no event we organize for our clients goes without the cooperation of the people from Vector, who repeatedly delight us with their ideas, organization and performance. ”

- Grizli komunikacije d.o.o.

“ We are very pleased to know that we can count on them in terms of deadlines and quality. In addition, they are great because in projects that are outside the standard, and such in our standard. ”

- Bruketa&Žinić&Grey
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