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Personal Data Protection Rules

  • We wish to emphasize that once you visit our website, all your personal data remains confidential, unless you voluntarily disclose them.
  • We only collect the personal data that you voluntarily send to us, and only for the purposes stated in these personal data protection rules. We do not demand from you to send us data in exchange for us to allow you to access our website and we do not request from you to disclose more data than what is truly necessary for participation in certain activities on our website.
  • During the collection of personal data, we oblige to respect the provisions of regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data.
  • Please read all information below, and if you have any questions or doubts regarding our personal data protection rules, or wish to share your experiences on this website with us, contact us via e-mail:
  • If you are underaged, do not send us your personal data!
    1. General
    When you use the website, which also includes the online shop, Vektor Grupa d.o.o., seated in Zagreb, 10360 Sesvete, Sopnički odvojak 5r, PIN: 40485772360 as data processing manager processes your personal data pursuant to the relevant regulations regarding the protection of personal data.
    These Personal Data Protection Rules ("Rules") describe the type of data that is processed, the purposes for which they are processed, and your rights regarding such processing. Please carefully read these rules before you continue using the website. If you disagree with these provisions, please do not use this website.
    2. Personal data that we process
    The "personal data" refers to all data related to the individual whose identity was established or could be established (“respondent”).
    We collect the personal data pursuant to the regulations in force, so that we could, for example, inform you about changes and news via e-mail, involve you in participation in prize games and inform the winner, send publications, brochures and other advertising material or answer your questions, complaints and comments. Your personal data is processed exclusively based on you consent, law or to satisfy a legitimate interest of the data processing manager, for example when we process your data for the purpose of direct marketing of our products or services (“commercial communication“), via e-mail or other forms of communication. In certain case, the collection of your personal data will be necessary for fulfilling the agreement between you and the Vektor Grupa d.o.o., for example during the purchase of products in our online shop, so that we can deliver the product to the delivery address, etc.
    If you wish to use our services and products, then we collect the following personal data: name and surname, mail address, e-mail address, phone and mobile numbers.
    We collect the following categories of personal data:
    1. Contact and identification data that is necessary for opening the user account on our website and/or joining the loyalty programs....
    2. Contact and identification data necessary for ordering the products from the online shop and their delivery to the requested address;
    3. Data on online shop purchases, i.e. purchased products, invoice amount, chosen types of payment, frequency of purchases;
    4. Data from correspondence between the user and the data processing manager (including the content);
    5. Data on interaction of the user with the website, which is collected via cookies. More details on cookies technology and their use you can find chapter 8 of these Rules (Cookies Rules).
    Via this website we can offer you the opportunity to communicate and link with the social media content (for example, Facebook). If you decide to use your social media profile, keep in mind that the social network, depending on the settings of your profile, may share certain information regarding your profile with us.
    We do not collect, nor do we use the personal data of underaged persons (within the reasonable abilities, if we are able to know the age of the user), except with the explicit consent of the parents or guardians. If you are underaged, please do not send us your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address or any other data through which we could identify you), because we will have to decline the processing of such communication. If despite this an underaged person makes contact and sends personal data, the company explicitly refuses to accept any requests of material or non-material nature arising from the processing of such contact intent.
    We will store your data only for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.
    At the end of the storing period, the personal data will be deleted or anonymized, so that they cannot be connected to anyone.
    The personal data connected to any type of financial transaction will be stored for at least 11 years, pursuant to the regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia.
    3. Purpose of personal data processing
    Vektor Grupa d.o.o. processes the personal data for the following purposes:
    3.1. Creation of user profiles on the website and/or member profiles in loyalty programs;
    3.2. Processing of orders via online shop and delivery of ordered products to the address stated by the user;
    3.3. Offering various benefits to the members of the company's loyalty programs (for example, coupons);
    3.4. Transfer of commercial communications via e-mail, mobile phones or by traditional mail or courier service (within the scope of your consent);
    3.5. Participations in surveys, questionnaires and prize competitions organized by the company. More details about this type of processing can be found in chapter 7 of these Rules (surveys, questionnaires and promotions);
    3.6. Providing answers to the questions asked or your advices, comments, complaints, etc.;
    3.7. Creation of various reports / statistics on the manner of use of the website and services that it offers, including the execution of agreements with Vektor Grupa d.o.o.
    3.8. Resolution of all disputes or complaints that are related to or arise from the activities of Vektor Grupa d.o.o.
    4. Communication of data to third parties
    We do not sell, transfer or disclose the data collected on our website to anyone outside of Vektor Grupa d.o.o. without your consent, except (1) in cases regulated by the law and when this is necessary for fulfilment of our legal obligations, (2) in cases when this is necessary for protection of your life and physical integrity, and you are not able to give your consent for processing of your personal data, (3) in cases when this is necessary for fulfilment of the tasks that are performed in public interest, (4) in cases when you have published this data yourself and (5) in cases when this is necessary for protection of our legitimate interests. Your personal data will be stored only during the period necessary for fulfilment of the aforementioned purposes of processing.
    Vektor Grupa d.o.o. may disclose some or all of your personal data to the following recipients, in the manner further specified:
    1. To the persons authorized to process the personal data on behalf and for the account of Vektor Grupa d.o.o. , or to associates or supplies who are essential for provision and maintenance of services that are provided via this website (for example, providers of website design and maintenance services, providers of delivery services for ordered products or promotional materials, suppliers in the preparation of marketing campaigns, etc., associates or service providers who are best suited for answering your questions, etc.).
    2. To the legal successor or successors, in case of status changes arising from the division, merger, restructuring or other transfer of control of the company.
    3. To other recipients to whom the Vektor Grupa d.o.o. is authorized or obliged to disclose the personal data of individuals pursuant to the regulations in force.
    Below is the list of companies with whom we daily share the data.
    The list does not include the services of companies with whom we share anonymous data or the companies that offer their services on ad hoc basis. All of our suppliers were carefully selected, and we made sure that they all provide the appropriate protections pursuant to the GDPR.
    The list of providers of the service of delivering the ordered products: DPD Croatia d.o.o., Overseas Trade Co Ltd. d.o.o., HP-Hrvatske pošte d.d., GLS, Lagermax, Gebruder Weiss, Intereuropa, Da-Mil.
    5. Safety of credit card payments
    Vektor Grupa d.o.o. obliges to apply the maximum safety standards for protecting the interests of buyers and preventing the possible abuse of information. The products/services available in the online shop are sold via online solutions for credit card payment, whose data is available on request.
    The payment transactions by credit and/or debit cards are performed via protected 3D-Secure authentication protocol with 256-byte SSL encryption, which is a safe way of performing monetary transactions. This method allows for a safe transfer of information and disables unauthorized access to data during the communication between the buyer's computer and the online operator of the payment system.
    This service and the financial institutions (credit card companies) exchange the data by using the virtual private network (VPN), which is protected from unauthorized access.
    Credit card numbers are not stored, and they are not available to Vektor Grupa d.o.o. .
    Vektor Grupa d.o.o. cannot be considered responsible for abuses for which it cannot be established that they are a consequence of a technical or safety failure of the online shop system or omission made by the employee of Vektor Grupa d.o.o.
    6. E-mail messages
    When you send us electronic mail (via e-mail message with comment, question, complaint, advice, etc., or through the contact form on the website) with personal data through which you can be identified, we will use the data to fulfil your request. We may send your e-mail, as well as the message/request that you have sent us to other associates or suppliers who may provide the best answer to your question.
    All employees and business partners of Vektor Grupa d.o.o. have a responsibility to respect the Personal Data Protection Rules.
    7. Survey, questionnaires and competitions
    On our website we occasionally perform surveys and questionnaires. The data collected in such manner is used exclusively for the needs of Vektor Grupa d.o.o. If we publish the results of the surveys on our websites or on social networks connected to us, these results will strictly be aggregate and will not contain any personal data.
    Our website often contains notifications on various prize competitions that we organize of notices on job openings in the company (“competitions“). For those competitions for which we enable the electronic access, we will use your personal data only for realization of the competition (for example, getting in touch with the winner of the prize competition and fulfilling our legal obligations regarding the organization of the competition, or to perform the selection process in job competitions), unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the rules of the competition. We do not share this information with anyone outside of the company, except the service providers who help us organize the competition and who have the legal obligation to protect the confidentiality of all available data, or with public authorities to fulfil our legal obligations. We may also publish certain personal data (for example, name, surname and value of the prize) to fulfil our legal obligations or to ensure the transparency of our competitions.
    Vektor Grupa d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for possible damages arising from the use of information from this website for purpose that are beyond the scope of their intended use.
    8. Cookies rules
    Website uses the so-called cookies. The cookies are small text files that are generated by the website server and that are stored on the user's device through the web browser, for providing the service and content of the highest quality to the user. They store certain information (for example, desired language or website settings, user account registration status, etc.) that may be reproduced by your browser once you return to the website (depending on the duration of the cookies).
    We use the following categories of cookies:
    1. Cookies necessary for functionality of the website
    Certain cookies are essential for ensuring the possibility of use of the website and its basic services and features. Without these cookies, for example, you will not be able to access certain safe areas or track your online shopping cart. These cookies cannot be disabled.
    $_COOKIE['rm'] -- Remember me functionality is stored for 14 days
    $_COOKIE['site_lng']Remember the language, stored for one year
    $COOKIE[_STORE_COOKIE_NAME] -- Shop generates and saves the sting through which the cart content is saved. Its name is constant from config.php, it is stored for 30 days
    2. Optional cookies
    These cookies provide us with information that help us to understand how the users use our website, with the purpose of improving the content quality and browsing experience for users. The optional cookies include the Google Analytics cookies (cookies that track the attendance and analyze the successfulness of the website, and which are available to Vektor Grupa d.o.o. as statistical data, without the personal data of individual users) and social media networks (for example, Facebook), that enable the users to share certain content via their own social media accounts.
    When you first access the website, you will see the inscription warning you about the cookies and asking for your consent and acceptance.
    By continuing to browse the website, you accept the cookies.
    The website user may always independently regulate (limit or disable) the receipt of cookies through their own web browser. We note that the disabling of cookies may affect the functionality and your interaction with the website, and we cannot be considered liable for any loss of functionality of the website in all cases of regulation or selection of the receipt of cookies by the user.
    The additional information on configuration of browser settings for cookies can be found on following links:
  • here you can find out more about the private browsing and cookies settings in Firefox browser
  • here you can read more about the anonymous browsing and cookies settings in Google Chrome browser
  • here you can read more about "InPrivate" browsing and cookies settings in Internet Explorer browser
  • here you can find more about the “Private navigation“ mode and cookies settings in Safari browser
    By using this website, it will be considered that the users are always aware and in agreement with the terms of use, including the provisions on processing and protection of personal data and provisions on options regarding the cookies.
    9. Rights of the respondents
    Giving consent to the processing of personal data is not obligatory, but if the user refuses to give consent to the processing of data, as stated above, he may lose the ability to use all or some features offered by the website, or disable the receipt of information on products/services offered by Vektor Grupa d.o.o.
    By sending personal data to Vektor Grupa d.o.o. the respondent does not waive the rights guaranteed by regulations on the protection of personal data that are in force in the Republic of Croatia, and particularly retains the right to demand a correction or deletion of his personal data from the database, if they are incomplete, incorrect or outdated, or if their use does not comply with the provisions of regulations in force in the Republic of Croatia.
    To the point in which the processing of your personal data is based exclusively on your consent, you have various rights, including the:
    a) Access right:
    GDPR gives you a right to ask which personal data of yours do we possess and how do we process them, and the right to give you access to such data. You can exercise this right by contacting us (see the contact methods below).
    Consider that prior to processing any data access requests we must first confirm your identity, and it is also possible that we will contact you to make sure we understand what kind of data you are requesting. After we confirm your identity, we will provide you with the requested information within 30 days.
    We will provide you the information for free, however, we may charge you with an administrative fee if the request is clearly unfounded or excessive, and particularly if it is repeated. In any case, if you are an existing user, you can access your personal data via your user interface.
    b) Data correction right:
    GDPR gives you a right to correct any personal data that is incorrect or incomplete. The users may refresh their personal data themselves through the user interface, but in any case, you can contact us (see the contact methods below).
    c) Deletion right:
    As a natural person, you have right to demand the deletion of all your personal data that we possess. However, consider that this is not an absolute right, so for example, it does not override our legal obligations to store accounting data.
    Deletion of your personal data may be requested when your personal data is not any longer necessary for the purposes for which they were originally collected or processed (for example, if you cancel all our services that you used). You can exercise your right by contacting us (see the contact methods below).
    d) Right to withdraw the consent:
    The users at all times have the right to withdraw the consent for processing of personal data that they gave earlier.
    e) Also, in certain circumstances, the users have the right to file a complaint regarding the processing, to limitation of processing and transferability of personal data.
    For all issues of personal data protection, and to realize the aforementioned rights, please contact us by using the contact data from Article 10 of these Rules.
    f) Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority: if you believe that your rights have been violated, you have the right to file a complaint with the Agency for Personal Data Protection.
    Depending on the request of the user/respondent, Vektor Grupa d.o.o. obliges to:
    1. Confirm to the user whether it process the personal data related to this user/respondent
    2. Correct or delete, without a fee or delay, the personal data related to the user/respondent
    3. Limit or stop the processing of personal data of the user/respondent
    10. Contact
    For all issues regarding the protection of your personal data, and for the realization of these rights and requests, you can contact the official of Vektor Grupa d.o.o. in charge of data protection by sending an e-mail message to: or by regular mail to the address of our seat: Vektor Grupa d.o.o., Sopnički odvojak 5r, Zagreb- 10360 Sesvete. Vektor Grupa d.o.o does not respond to anonymous requests.

What clients think about us

“ Vektor Group is an excellent and reliable partner especially in critical situations. When you are short on time or do not know what to choose without making the right decision, Vector Group employees are always ready to meet and help. Expertise and a wonderful customer relationship where you always feel like you are an important customer, whether it's an order of a few hundred or more thousand kunas. And what is especially important today - the team you can rely on always stick to the deal. ”

- Varteks d.d.

“ Satisfied and grateful for the excellent collaboration. The staff are skilled, quick ... They meet in an emergency. From an old device new. Everything is honest and you will not go wrong. ”

- Živi Napitak d.o.o.

“ The collaboration with Vektor Group has been excellent so far. Excellence in collaboration can be seen through the correctness of the offers, the technical support provided and the ease of presentation of the technical characteristics of the products offered (easy to understand for anyone seeking clarification), and the quick and high-quality performance of works. works. It is a feature of gold that is valuable in doing business in our market and provides the convenience of working with your company. ”

- Tehnika d.o.o.

“ I only have praise for the Vektor Group. Every time the work was superbly done, although sometimes the deadlines on our part were very short, they never told us that something was not possible or that it would not be done, so thank you very much. All things made by Vektor Group were very well made and thought was given to the use and materials to be used and how. In addition to great things, we also received great tips. ”

- Pernod Ricard Croatia d.o.o.

“ It is our great pleasure to work with Vektor Group. We have been working with all the large formats for many years with Vector Group and have never had any problems. When we send the press preparation, the company reviews everything and let us know if there are any problems.This helps us a lot because on the other hand we are not expert in this regard, so it is important for us to get valid information so that we can pass it on to the client. Prices are correct and production time is fast. ”

- Centar Media Plus d.o.o.

“ A professional team that is extremely comfortable to communicate with, ready to help with advice and support in every sense. We look forward to new projects and look forward to completing them. ”

- Europa92 d.o.o.

“ We have been successfully collaborating with Vector Group for many years. Our mutual communication is pleasant, simple and business efficient, and the delivered products are of the highest quality. Bearing in mind the extremely high quality relationship that this company establishes and maintains with its clients, we are pleased to recommend Vektor Group to everyone ”

- Porsche Croatia d.o.o.

“ Vektor is the one associate who will encourage you with it's experience and advice. They will complete the project with superior expertise and dedication. ZOO approved! ”

- ZOO agencija d.o.o.

“ As the communications sector - in which our company operates, is very turbulent, we need a partner who will respond quickly to our inquiries, suggest great and interesting technical solutions, and of course deliver quality products quickly.The long-term search for such a partner finally came to fruition when we met with the Vector Group.Since then, no event we organize for our clients goes without the cooperation of the people from Vector, who repeatedly delight us with their ideas, organization and performance. ”

- Grizli komunikacije d.o.o.

“ We are very pleased to know that we can count on them in terms of deadlines and quality. In addition, they are great because in projects that are outside the standard, and such in our standard. ”

- Bruketa&Žinić&Grey
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